Dogs are simple.  What you see is usually what you get. When you gaze at your cat you may just get this strange, eerie feeling when they look at you, as if they’re saying, “I know all your secrets, Jan. I know everything about you. I watch your every move every day. Don’t mess this up, Jan. You are totally going to mess this up.”

And their moooooooods….One day they seem like they love you, and the next, they’re trying to scalp you with their nails and teeth! Well, the time for cat owners to be clueless is over! Here is a list of mind-boggling things cats do, and what they mean.

Things Cats Do And What They Mean

1. Belly Exposure

Some think that belly exposure is a sign of trust and playfulness. While this is true, sometimes this is not the case. It can also mean that your cat is in defense mode, especially if they’re sharp claws are being shown. Another indicator that your cat is not in a nice, playful mood is when you place your hands on its belly, and it attacks you – just saying.

2. Eye Contact

Cats are normally very uncomfortable with eye contact, so trying to have fierce stare competitions is not recommended. However, if your cat stares into your eyes, and follows by a slow soft blink, he is communicating that he loves you and that he is comfortable with you.

3. Large Pupils

Watch out! Expanded pupils indicate fear and possible preparation for an attack.

4. Arched Back

Relax Karen, your cat is just stretching.

5. Arched Back with Raised Hair

Don’t relax, Jan. He is mad and in defense mode. If it is directed toward you, RUN.

6. Purr

We’ve all heard it. Purring means contentment. Consider yourself complimented.

7. Rubbing Against You

This is a sweet sign that you cat loves you and wants your company – unless he is hungry. It could mean both. Who knows because….cat.

8. Face-Rubbing

When a cat rubs his head, chin, and mouth on something, he is marking his territory. If a cat does it on you, he simply is getting his scent on you, and claiming you as his person. Consider yourself owned.

9. Kneading

Cats knead their paws into something they love, whether it be a pillow, a blanket, or your lap. Kneading indicates happiness.

10. Nipping

Gently nipping is a harmless way of showing playfulness and love. If it turns into painful biting, it is now a trap to get out from. ABORT.

11. Ear Placement

If a cat’s ears are positioned forward, it indicates contentment. If its ears are turned back a bit, it is focusing in and listening to everything around it. If a cat’s ears a all the way back and flat on its head, he is very agitated, and in defense/attack mode. Get out of there.

Cats really are amazing creatures with interesting personalities; and no matter how much we research their behavior, we probably will never figure them out. Watch out, Jan.

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By Staff Writer Erika Smith