One of the many questions that I get from our clients revolve around leaving tips for their sitter. We are proud to tell you that we give 100% of all tips to our sitters (as it should be, right?). If one sitter performs all the work, she gets the entire tip. If more than one helps out, then the tip is split between them based on the percentage of the work that they do. We NEVER keep their tips.


In addition, the $5 surcharges that are added to holiday visits are all given to the sitters that perform the visits. Yep. It seems fair, given they sacrifice time with friends and family to do the work on the holidays.

Some people have expressed concern that they will insult their sitter(s) by leaving a tip, when in fact it makes them feel really appreciated. Paws Pet Care sitters and walkers work very hard, at all hours of the day and week. Imagine having a job where you start working at 7 AM, You work all day long, and then sleep over other people’s homes. Some sitters do this by choice seven days a week!

Pet sitters are there to do whatever you need them to do and the more specialized your requests get, the more that they appreciate the tips as your gratitude towards them. Trust me, it brightens their day!

There are three ways you can leave a tip for your sitter:

– Include it in your payment on your invoice, but be sure to specify that the extra amount is a tip for the sitter. Otherwise it will be credited to your account.

– Leave it for them on the counter in an envelope with their name on it, or

– Mail it to our office at 10205 Vantage Rd Louisville, KY 40299. We will then pass it along to them!