Do you enjoy camping and hiking? It is that time of year when we start grilling, camping and going for hikes! Most pet owners take their best canine companions along with them to enjoy some family time at the camp site. Before you do anything else make sure you are properly to take Fido along. Here’s a handy list of tips and tricks to help keep Fido safe and happy:


  • Call the site and confirm that dogs are allowed. Obtain all of the rules for pets on site and read up on them prior to your trip.
  • Visit your vet before the trip. Let them know where you are going and what they suggest as preventative measures for that area as well as any other preparations .
  • Make sure your fur-kid’s shots are up to date (rabies, lyme disease).
  • Make sure your fur-kids heartworm and flea/tick prevention plans established. If not set it up well before you leave town. Those pests carry disease!
  • Make sure your fur-kid is properly tagged. Ensure your actual cell phone number is on the tag. If Fido is lost, calling your home won’t do much good when you’re out in the woods.
  • Make sure your fur-kids microchip updated and active.
  • Take a snake safety and avoidance training class. Dogs and rattlesnakes can be a deadly combination.

What To Pack

  • Food and treats – Ensure you keep your pups diet the same. You don’t want any tummy troubles while on the road!
  • Water. Bring plenty of water for your pup to drink. They may not have water accessible for Fido and you don’t want him drinking from standing water or ponds.
  • Bags to clean up. While you may be in the camping nature mode, you still need to pick up after your dog!
  • A Bed, blankets – basically, a cozy sleeping space. Consider a crate where Fid0 can be kept safe while everyone is at rest or busy but only do this if he’s been exposed to a crate before otherwise, it will be too stressful. Don’t let Fido roam free!
  • Bowls and can openers (if your dog eats canned food).
  • First aid kits and any meds they may need.

When You Arrive

Once you arrive to your campsite keep a few things in mind:

  • Don’t let Fido roam free. Other campers may not appreciate it. He may get lost or hurt. It’s a jungle out there. Well, not exactly but – you get the point!
  • Keep your fire and cooking area Fido friendly. Don’t want any burns.
  • Always keep your cellphone handy.
  • Always keep a leash and collar on your pup! He’ll be basier to control should he catch sight of something fun and interesting.

Enjoy your trip!

If you would rather NOT take your fur-kid camping with you, give us a call at 502-802-5052 and schedule one of our fabulous sitters to come out and care for him in the comfort and safety of his own environment so you can have a worry-free camping trip!