A recent investigation by an ABC reporter in Baltimore found an upsetting problem for pet lovers — some sitters – all who charged their clients by time –  are skipping out early, leaving dogs and cats alone at home. Some of the pet sitters were caught on hidden camera leaving anywhere from just 5 to 10 minutes in when they charged their clients for 30 minute services. 

Just so you know, we find that unacceptable…especially since our success from the day we started our business has been built on trust, peace-of-mind and our reputation. At Paws Pet Care, we have a unique perspective on how we offer services in that we focus on QUALITY not quantity. We do not charge by time. Our services vary from pet parent to pet parent. Each pet has different needs and requirements and so our service is never “one size fits all”. Our team members are with your fur-kid as long as they need us. For example:

  • We have a few fur-babies that have seizures. If we charged by time, and your fur-baby had a medical issue after we had been there for 29 minutes…wouldn’t you want us to stay with them to make sure they were OK as long as they needed us to? Of course! Would you want us to charge you for the extra 15 or 20 minutes that we spent with them? Of course not!
  • We come to your home, to find that your baby is in distress and needs to be transported to their vet immediately.  Do we charge you the extra two hours and a transport fee that it will take to get them there and an hourly fee to STAY with them until you get there, or until everything is OK?  NEVER!  
  •  Maybe your fur-kid just needs a quick potty break and a drink of fresh, cold water. Would you want us to charge you for a 30 minute visit that just took 15 minutes? Of course not!
  • We’re outside playing with your Fido and we’re having a great time and want to stay longer. Wouldn’t you want us to stay…and not get charged? I certainly would.

We take great pride in the personal service and attention we provide each fur-kid(and their owner). If I ever found out that a member of our team was not providing the time and attention that their assigned fur-kid needed, they would not be allowed to continue on in a relationship with us. No questions asked.

I have ALWAYS coached my team-members to DO THE RIGHT THING….to go in each home and care for your pets just like they would want someone to care for theirs AND to always be mindful that our clients could be monitoring what they are doing at any time.

If you are shopping around for a pet sitter, I challenge you to focus on QUALITY, not QUANTITY!  My father always said…”you get what you pay for”.   When you are looking for a care-giver for your fur-baby, please do not just consider price, but also consider the quality of service and professionalism that you will be getting as well.

Beth Green, Owner
Paws Pet Care