This morning I was at a client’s home who owns two beautiful rescue kitties – Regina and Ms. Murray.  When I walked in the door, they were waiting for me, perched on the island in the kitchen next to their canned food that the owner always lays out for me and staring at me endearingly.  Now, since these kitties are rescues they aren’t very social with anyone other than their own “people”, so they MAY wind around your ankles like they want to be petted, and then when you oblige they may hiss, swat and bite.

Anyway, back to the story.  Regina was waiting for me on the island, then opens her mouth and acted like she was meowing, but no sound came out.  I was a bit perplexed, since I had never seen this before. Cat experts have speculated that when cats do this, they are really making a sound, but it’s too high-pitched for us to hear.  But WHY do they do it?

Some behaviorists say it’s the ultimate gesture of love, but today I saw it as an expression of absolute, pathetic beseeching: “Please, for the love of all things cute and fuzzy, feed me now before I die of starvation!”