While some folks prefer to have the big, protective dogs in their family (who many times turn out to be “lap dogs” too), others like the though of having a small “lap” dog breed to simply just cuddle with.  Small dogs shed less – or their shedding may appear to be more manageable –  and are more portable in terms of traveling in a car or airplane.

At Paws Pet Care, we love ALL dogs, big and small and have found that even gigantic breeds make wonderful “lap” dogs! However, for our small dog seekers, here is a list of 5 dogs that you may consider. Keep in mind, there are MANY wonderful small dogs that need a home in your local shelter.  Look there first!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breed

Weighing up to only 13-18 lbs, this breed is a friendly and affectionate friend. They are naturally loving and aim to please their owner – and they are great with kids! This breed has some sporting in it, so moderate exercise is suggested, but sitting on a couch all day is something the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel also enjoys with his owner. Grooming should include frequent brushing, a bath every once in a while, and checking for ear infections weekly. The Cavalier Spaniel is a sweet dog who would make any family feel loved!

Miniature Schnauzer Breed

Weighing up to only 11-20 lbs, the Miniature Schnauzer is a wonderful dog for families! Their obedient and energetic instincts are perfect for playing with kids in a fenced yard, and knowing when it is time to take a nap on the couch together. One of the best things about the schnauzer is that he rarely ever sheds, so there is no need to worry about hair around the house! Schnauzers have a very unique coat, so they should be taken to a professional dog groomer to ensure they stay looking in best shape!

Maltese Breed

Weighing under 7lbs, the Maltese is an energetic and friendly breed. They have little or no shedding at all to worry about, but their coat should be brushed and bathed often. This breed requires little exercise, but they love to play and bounce around!

Dachshund Breed

Weighing up to 16-32 lbs, Dachshunds are very intelligent and social pets to have. They are small, but they do require frequent exercise so that they do not become overweight and so that they keep their leg and back support strong. This breed has more shedding than the previous breeds; but, depending on whether or not it is a smooth-coated, long-haired, or wire-haired breed bathing is less frequent than others.

Havanese Breed

The national dog of Cuba, the Havanese is a devoted and fun-loving companion. These canines have managed to snag the hearts of many admirers with their expressive eyes, cuddly size, and long, silky hair. They were also given the nickname Velcro dog since they love to stick closely with their owners. This surprisingly energetic and trainable canine breed should be combed and brushed at least two times a week. Havanese is social, responsive, loyal, intelligent, and cheerful.

Bichon Breed

This small, fluffy dog breed is an affectionate and joyful dog, which makes it a great companion. Weighing an average of 7 to 12 pounds, this small dog breed is easy to handle for many people. Also, Bichons are simple to train and would require grooming periodically, yet it’s low-maintenance. Most Bichon owners want to take their pets to professional groomers every month. Usually, moderate regular exercise is enough to keep Bichon happy and healthy.

No matter what size or breed you choose, at Paws Pet Care Pet Sitting & Dog Walking we’ve got your tail covered!  Give us a call today at 800-674-3409 to discuss how we can help you with your pet care needs.

By Erika Smith – Staff Writer