My boxer, Riley has TERRIBLE allergies.

From the time he was 18 months old he started scratching www.pawspetcareathome.comehimself raw.  After a very expensive allergy test, which resulted in equally expensive shots and VERY expensive organic dog food, we still felt like his allergies were out of control….and a little helpless too.

If you see your dog scratching, it could just be a little itch… or it could be something more. Riley’s scratching led to hair loss and red painful skin lesions.  For us, it was hard seeing our fur-kid suffer all the time. We had to remove his collar at night because he would scratch so much the “jingle” of his tags would wake us. Our home started looking like a crime scene because every time he would shake his head we’d have a wall full of blood spatter from broken skin in his ears. 

A little itching is normal but all dogs have their individual thresholds where the itching reaches the irresistible urge to scratch.

After doing some independent research and consulting our vet, we decided to start giving Riley Omega-3 fatty acids. It turns out that Omega-3’s are powerful antioxidants that helped to maintain Riley’s skin and coat and as a bonus, they seemed to also reduce his shedding. 

Our vet told us that Omega-3 fatty acids also have many other health benefits dogs. They will help prevent free radicals from damaging body cells in your dogs’ internal organs, like their heart, brain and eyes. 

We give a softgel capsule to Riley whole in a pill pocket, but you can also open it and mix the contents of the capsule right into your dogs food.  They also make them in chicken flavored chews.

Be careful to read labels when you are choosing capsules. Just like treats and dog food, you only want to buy capsules that are made in the USA. It’s turned out to be a simple and effective way to control skin allergies, itching and irritation….and much cheaper than weekly allergy injections that we were giving Riley (which, by the way, take a YEAR to work). After about 4 weeks of taking the Omega 3’s we started noticing a difference in the amount of scratching. After 12 weeks his scratching is nearly gone!

Do you have a fur-kid that suffers from allergies?  What treatments have worked for you?

Before you begin any supplement or medical regimine with your pet, always make sure to consult with your vet FIRST!

– By Betheny Green, Chief Cuddling Officer
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