• Your pet likes life to be the same every day – they are indeed creatures of habit. When you hire Paws Pet Care, your pets remain in their own home, where all the sights, sounds, and smells are familiar to them.
  • Your pet’s diet and exercise routines are uninterrupted, which is important because some animals will not eat while boarded or kenneled because they are too stressed. 
  • While kenneled/boarded, your pet may not get the amount of exercise they are accustomed to (or requires) in order to be content. 
  • Your pet does not have to have extra costly vaccinations.
  • Your pet’s exposure to disease & stressful situations is minimized.  There is a greater chance of contracting germs that can cause illness and there is constant exposure to other unfamiliar animals, which is very stressful. 
  • Your pet does not have to travel to and from the kennel facility. Sometimes the trip alone is traumatic on your pet.
  • Your pet benefits from personalized attention they receive from Paws Pet Care sitters and walkers  that they get to know and trust.  We are here to give them attention, mental stimulation, love, playtime, and the occasional treat (if permitted).
  • Your pet may be a breed that kennels won’t accept.

If They Can’t Go With You, Wouldn’t They Rather Stay At Home?