A walk provides your pooch with exersize and a potty break…but would you be surprised to know that your dog has a PRIMAL need to be walked? Fish need to swim.  Birds need to fly.  Dogs NEED to walk.

In the wild, dogs get up in the morning and head out to find food.  The packs Alpha dog (The Owner) usually leads the way and the lower pack mates follow.  For a dog, walking fulfills the migration instinct.  And don’t think you’re off the hook if you take your dog to a dog-park.  It’s NOT the same.

Play-time is great, however it’s not a substitute for a good stroll, which encourages mental stimulation.  When your dog is walking, they are gathering information about what kind of changes have taken place since the last time they were there. Puts a whole new perspective on the old fire-hydrant leg-hike, huh?  Your dog isn’t just walking…they are investigating every sight, sound and smell!

Vets recommend at least 20 minutes of exercise per day for your fur-kid.  Research proves that dogs that are taken for daily walks are better behaved and less destructive, obsessive and have less separation/dominance issues.  

You’re a busy, BUSY person. Wouldn’t it be great to not have to come home  to a dog that is not bouncing off the walls, begging you to go outside and play? Your dog deserves a dedicated walker and will benefit from a daily walk.  They will THANK you! 

Having a regular Paws Pet Care, Louisville Kentucky dog walker will enhance the relationship that you already have with your pooch, and we’d love to help! Call us at 502-802-5052 to schedule your private dog walk today.