As I sit and type this article my dogs are barking maniacally at the elderly chinese man who passes our house as he walks slowly to work, like he has every day for the last six years. And then a leaf blows and there they go again. We mustn’t forget the dreaded mailman who certainly must have massacred their entire family at some point.  Literally, they save me about 146 times a day from afore-mentioned potentially lethal confrontations.

Why the heck do they do that?

It turns out that Biscuit, Maddie and Riley (and your dogs too) probably don’t have anything personal against the leaves, squirrels, mail and Chinese gentleman.  They are really just taking care of their own and every dog has a little bit of ‘watchdog” in them.  Dogs can’t help it.  It’s something that they inherited from their ancestors who had much more to defend in the way of territory and food.

Dogs are kinda ritualistic.  They would probably be considered OCD if they were humans. Barking at the mailman might be the highlight of their  day, especially for dogs left alone for long periods of time because they feel they are left “in charge”.

While it’s commendable that your pooch wants to protect it’s pack (you) and it’s territory (your home) their barking can be super annoying and of course you must be very cautious about your dog getting loose and biting someone.  

Why don’t you give us a call and schedule a nice, relaxing private dog walk about the time that the mailman comes to the door?  We’d love to serve you.  Our number is 502-802-5052. Or you could always tape a treat to the door if you have a mail slot so the mailman can drop the treat for your pooch (positive reinforcement). You can also close window blinds or keep your dog in a room where he can’t see outside.

Personally, I like the idea of a walk the best. 🙂

By – Betheny Green, Owner
Paws Pet Care Pet Sitting & Dog Walking